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O/T So would you be a bit angry if...

you knew you were having overnight guests in 48 hours, but no one has bothered to ask/tell you this yet?

First of all...I am from a disfunctional family. You know about the black sheep in a family? Well...I am one of the few white sheep in the family! Enough said!

My brother is having Christmas on New Year's day...we "think". At least that is what his daughter in Florida told me on Christmas day. Which nephew, his wife, and his two daughters will be staying at our house. Why not stay at his father's (my brother's)? Well, there is no room at the inn, and it costs too much for my brother to have his children and grandchildren stay at his house...too much in extra groceries. Also, it interfers with his napping schedule. So...they always stay will us. Now I love them dearly and have openly welcomed them into our home for over a decade...but don't you think someone, besides a person in Florida who will NOT be attending the "festivities" (and I use that word lightly), should tell me what I am going to be doing?

Sorry...I am cleaning for company I "think" I will have and I just had to vent. Thanks for listening!