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O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

I didn't know where to post this, but I know lots of people participate on this board, so I thought I would post this here.

A friend of mine sent me this video. Please take a look and listen to what this young man have to say. DH and I have had this conversation many times, but he is a lot more eloquent.

Food for thought, and an astute message for the world today.

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Re: O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

WOW.....thanks so much for posting this video. I am a psychotherapist and every single day I talk with many people who are struggling in some way with how social media is affecting their functioning/relationships. Technology is clearly not going away--which leaves all of us needing to learn how to manage our lives more effectively and realistically.
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Re: O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

Maybe it's my age (68) but I think it's my personality. The people in my life (friends and family) are not 'hooked' on their phones.

We text each other but mainly to say, "I'm OK" or "to send a right now picture from another state to say, "You're on my mind Grandma".

My late husband owned a large computer business. My girls played with the computers. Maybe that's why they see them as something to use when necessary and put down when unnecessary.

Now when it comes to my grandchildren. That's another 'problem'. My daughters fight constantly with them. There are 7 of them 2-12. They know more about computers than I'll every know or care to know.

My family knows enough to try to control the situation, but it's a full time job, let me tell you.

We still write thank you notes to friends and each other. That's a big deal these days, unfortunately.

It's up to us to make sure things don't get out of control (worse than they are).

I like to think I'm doing my part. Are you?

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Re: O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

That is how I feel too but I think I have lost myself in the technology world without even recognizing it.I still don't have a cell phone though so I am not all in yet.that video was so beautifully done that it brought tears to my eyes...thanks for the link .
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Re: O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

I am not a big techo junkie at all. I seem to be one of the last dinosaurs left to not go the techno way. Yes we have a pc which is what I am on now, but use it for only a few things, mail, shopping channels, weather. I don't order on line or pay bills either. I still use checks, have never used a microwave or own one for that matter, have no interest. I don't own a cell phone not do I want too. So many people are ruled by them for their every waking moment. I prefer writing letters ( which no one seems to do much at all anymore) heck they don't even want to do e-mails either just texts, using some cryptic codes they've come up with. My neighbor got one of those I-Pads and said "hey why don't you get one and we can talk everyday", (mind you she lives two doors down), I said "why when You can just come over and have a chat". I just don't see the fascination for all that. Never mind the expense of phones and their contracts. I got my hubby a Trac phone from the Q at Christmas time (which I ordered by phone), and he loves it. He got out of his Verizon contract paying a small penalty and is so relived to have no payments each month. He just wanted a phone for what it originally was meant for...a phone, nothing more. I feel kind of sorry for how much people are really missing out by being so attached to their electronics, the human aspect of it all. That video says it all, thanks for sharing it with us all.

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Re: O/T One Bar Closer to Humanity

Loved that video. I was watching Downton Abbey last night thinking I was born in the wrong time. I really think I would be happier without all my technology.

I'm forced to keep up because of my work, but really if it were all taken away, I think I would feel much less stressed. I do love shopping on line, paying my bills on line, recording shows on my DVR, and communicating will all of you on this board. But, in general, I think technology is isolating us more and more. It's hard to have a heart-to-heart conversation via text! And all those shows in my DVR? I feel stressed just looking at how they are piling up and I'm not watching them.

I am constantly thinking about ways to reduce clutter and stress. Technology is wonderful in so many ways, but it also causes stress. And only we can choose to control it.

Too bad we can't all meet for tea at Downton and discuss this in person!