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@Whatnow wrote:

rEI will still be selling online though and that is how most people are doing their Black Friday shopping these days anyhow so they are getting great advertising and not really loosing sales.

Yes, so it's a win-win. They don't lose money (maybe), and they broadcast what I think is an important message.

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Great idea.  I have long stopped going on Black Friday.  I sit at home on Thursday night and Friday online and buy what I want with just as good of a deal as it would cost me to drive 3-4 hours burning gas, burning time, frustration, and eating out.  The prices are the same or even less when you subtract the above.  Yeah, there are some in store only deals, but I love not to be in that crazy mess!  i also buy my Christmas during the year when I find it on special and put it back.  Retailers are making more money from online sales because of less overhead and less employees required and security for shop lifting and potential law suites for crazies that hurt each other during the sale or just hurt themselves knocking over things on themselves.  I would love to see more retailers close on Thanksgiving and Christmas out of support for their staff.  They can't make that much money compared to online sales.  Let the people be at home with their families considering that they only make per hour, better still, pay them for those holidays!