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So one of my good friends is pregnant and my group of friends and I want to throw her a baby shower. The problem is there is quite a conflict between how to plan the party, so I wanted to get outside opinions. One of my friends is insisting that the party be at her parents lake house and have the party be boating, skiing, etc. and she believes that opening gifts, playing games, etc. would be awkward. She doesn't want to have any cutesty baby stuff because she believes that the guys invited to the shower wouldn't be into it. Now I agree that having an overly girly shower would not go over well, but this doesn't even sound like a shower anymore, but rather just a party where people bring baby gifts. I personally believe that men will be bored at showers in the first place, so why even bother inviting them.

I am really upset about this idea and have more sophisticated thoughts on planning a nice party for our friend. I should note, my friend is not a big outdoors girl. My idea was to have a fun party with spa food, cute desserts, present opening and then to avoid the "cheezy" ideas, have cute crafts for everyone to make and to have it an interactive party. One of my friends makes her own gorgeous accessories (like something you would find at JCrew) and I thought we could make something cute as a group. Several of my other friends liked my ideas, but the friend as I stated above is insisting that we only go with her ideas.

Am I totally out of line here? Am I "old school" in thinking that men shouldn't be at the shower? Please let me know your honest thoughts - thanks Smiley Happy