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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to let you know that I've heard from Lobstergal and she's in a very dark place right now as the 1st anniversay of her husband's passing is on December 27th. She has no plans for Christmas, preferring to stay at home.

Please keep Lobstergal in your thoughts and prayers during this most challenging time for her. Thank you so very much for caring to be a part of her healing process from afar.

God Bless - Rebecca

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She is in my prayers. I hope her memories of DH and their life together will soon give her comfort.

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Poor thing, that has to be so hard for her. I don't really know her and honestly can't say I remember much about her except for her ID being familiar. Even so, I believe the loss of a child or spouse is probably two of the worst experiences anyone can go through in life. If it were me, I know I'd be devastated and wouldn't know how I'd keep it together. I hope Lobstergal will be able to draw on memories of happier times this Christmas season and that there will be family and friends around to support her.

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She remains in my prayers.

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Lobstergal will be in my prayers. She needs to stay strong and keep her mind occupied with uplifting things. Life has many turns but somehow we make it through. Memories are precious and no one can take those away. Wishing Lobstergal a happy holiday season and the best to you in the new year.

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I'm praying for you, Lobstergal. Christmas must be so very different for you now. I wish you weren't going to be alone....but I do hasn't been that long. May God give you much comfort this season.

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Thoughts and prayers of comfort, peace, healing and tranquility for Lobstergal, for now and always.

Blessings to you Rebecca, you have a kind soul.

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The first anniversary is usually the hardest. I hope she can heal in the coming months and be able to celebrate Christmas again. There is life after a death of a loved one.

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The holidays are so hard. Especially the first. My heart goes out to her. Praying for peace, comfort and hope for her during this dark season in her life.

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Hello Everyone,

OP here. Just heard from Lobstergal. She's suddenly lost a cousin at the age of 41 from a heart attack - same as her husband last Christmas-time. And, her little baby granddaughter is ill with a stomach valve issue. Please, could use more prayers her way.

Thank you so very much.