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It looks like a gimmick to me also...just something that might feel relaxing to use but no way will it pick up a sagging face or jaw line. The models she uses are young...get the 55yr olds and up without fillers and botox...its a pass for me
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I bought and returned it.  It only works where your face is fleshy and flat.  Cannot use around nose and on forehead.  It did not even feel good to me.

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@TY wrote:

So how does anyone who has tried the Nurse Jamie silicone face mask like it? I saw Tati review it months ago and thought that it would be useful with your own face mask products instead of using disposable sheet masks.


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  • Nurse Jamie Face Wrap Skin Perfecting Silicone Mask






I'm intrigued by this! I first saw one of these kinds of masks at a local Asian store here. But they weren't selling them for that price, however...more like around $8. I may go back to that store and pick up one and try it.Woman Happy

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I have a couple of those masks I purchased from ebay for about 5 dollars. Hers look to be a bit thicker, but it is the same concept.


Also, those who are interested can go to you tube and type in gua sha for face or V-line face massage. You can use a spoon or other object to obtain that lift. It is only temporary.


I noticed in one of the presentations I watched, HSN muted about half of Amy's  presentation. Like they used to do to Suzanne Somers. I guess it sounded like you could get an actual face lift with that massager. Also, a called asked how long the results last and if it's cumulative. Jamie did not answer her, instead she said something along the lines of products penetrating better.


I'm sure some use and love this product. I use and love products that others may think are silly. As long as you like the result, that's all that matters.