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Newest InStyler TSV with the 3/4 " barrel--where's the case?

I own the original Instyler, but decided to order this newer, smaller version that was offered as the TSV a few days ago. I came very close to not buying it, though, because of the fact that QVC and/or the makers (I don't know who makes the final decisions on these things) chose NOT to include any kind of bag or case to store it in. I would have gladly done without any of the other accessories (which I don't need) to just have a case. Can't help but wonder why they didn't bother to include one, especially when you compare the regular price of it (not the TSV price) to the original one. This smaller one costs a little more and, yet, you're actually getting fewer extras--not to mention that the device itself is smaller. I guess I'll just have to make my own.

Also, wondering why it is apparently OK to now use, and I quote, "any salon quality styling product" with this newest one (except they don't recommend using oil-based products) when the use of such products was strongly advised against with the original one. I thought, perhaps, it was because this newest one is made with ceramic/tourmaline, but the bigger one is as well. I got this info about being able to use products with the new one from the links provided on QVC's description page (I checked there because I never heard him say anything about using or not using products with this new one and wanted to know if the instructions were the same. They weren't!) So, then I went back to the links provided on the original one and saw that those instructions still said NOT to use products with that one. HUH??? How do the two differ except in size? Doesn't make any sense. The only way it might make sense is if you compared the new one with my old, old one, which was not made with ceramic/tourmaline (not that being made with that should have any bearing on whether or not to use products). I called the Instyler people up and asked about why the difference, but didn't really get any anywhere. They just tried to get me to buy the products that they offer in some of the Instyler kits they sell elsewhere. No real answers provided!