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@SeaMaiden I really like the style but I could not tolerate my hair that long.  

My hair is thick and gets quite fluffy if I don't keep it cut...every 4 weeks.  Don't chicken out...if you don't like it, it will grow back.

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

I think  am going to go get a REAL haircut and style this week after 5 years of growing my hair out and not cutting it except for tipping the ends myself.  This is the type of style I am going to ask for.  Right now my hair is halfway down my back and just too long to really style. Just tired of long hair.   I hope I get the courage to really make the appointment! 


PS:  I made the appointment for Wednesday.... now lets see if I do not freak out and cancel.... LOL!






@SeaMaiden , awhile back you posted a photo of your long hair. It was a beautiful photo and your hair was thick and luxurious. I think this new hairstyle will be beautiful on you. Check in and post how it went....

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@tends2dogs wrote:

@SeaMaiden   This is a great casual look.  I say go for it!  It isn't a "do" which I absolutely hate, but youthful and carefree. It also still has that long hair look.  I am in the same situation as you, but not sure about how to go about finding a stylist.  My sister always cut my hair, but her life is in a crisis mode at the moment and I would never ask her to cut it now.  How did you decide where to go to get it cut?  


I have been cutting the length of my hair off an inch at a time myself and I must say that each time, it seems to take age off my face. Just getting the ends off has made a big difference.  Is your hair the color of the picture you posted?  I wish you could post a before and after picture.....maybe cover your face if you are shy ?? Woman Wink


Can't wait to read about your adventure!

@tends2dogs  My hair is white/silver.  I have not gone to get a haircut since about 2016 so I really did not know who to call. Made an appointment with the hair place I last went to years ago.  I am still on the fence about going through with it....but, like so many will grow out if I do not like it. I chose a length that I can still put it up on top of my head if need be.  It would cost me nothing to just cut it off my self....a blunt straight cut... thinking thinking....🙂

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@SeaMaiden  That is a great style and the perfect length.  You will be so pleased at how easy it is and how it looks.  

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@SeaMaiden  I love that cut & style. I wore my hair j similar to that a few years ago but with fringe bangs. I have a all one lenght blunt cut which cut myself because of Covid. Getting tired of it & its too long.


Soon I will be returning to my stylist. Yay! Will be putting some long layers. I need it long enough so I can put it up too. Hoping you go thru with it & like it. 

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Yes, you could blunt cut it yourself, but wouldn't it be a treat to go have it done for you?  

I hope you do this for yourself. Heart

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Do it!  It is a beautiful style!  You won't be sorry.  Make sure to post your picture so we can see.  :-)

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I am going today about 1 PM... I am undecided if I should go for shorter  or longer... here is the difference...   A bit longer...!cid_71b33dd8-6d6e-4270-a779-067d4a0a4c6f@namprd15_prod_outlook.jpg



OR a bit shorter...


a4f2c73cce1b8a880fc461f5b3e93219 (1).jpg

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@SeaMaiden  Here is my two cents on shorter or longer, If you are hesitant since your hair is SO long right now, it'st pretty much the same haircut just a little longer, go with the longer one, play with it some, if you decide you want to take more off, you can always do that?

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@SeaMaiden New week, new haircur, NEW YOU!  This is cute and current, ENJOY>