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Funny you should post on this topic as I was going to write a post on getting my hair cut and colored this past weekend. My hair was at middle of back, below my bra and I had not colored it to 16 months. My hair was whitish with a tint of  leftover blonde. It was not that pretty white some ladies are lucky to get naturally.


At a fami!y dinner with my sons and their wives I made a comment/question about either embracing the gray or trying to find a stylist to foil my hair so I was blonde-blonde and everyone but my husband said, loudly COLOR your hair and cut half of it off.


So one of my dil's made an appointment for me and on Saturday I got a haircut similar to your photo and I now my hair is also about 4 shades of blonde instead of an insipid, lackluster shade of white. I am so darn glad I went for it. My hair looks fuller, healthier and holds a curl. I also don't notice my scalp where my hair is thinning. I know the thin spots are there...I just don't feel like they are as noticeable.


My hubby said he thought I was beautiful no matter what color my hair (he is a keeper) but I do feel better with shoulder length hair, cut in an actual style and with some color.


I hope you feel comfortable getting a new hair cut. Good luck!

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That's what I was hoping for .. a little pick me up ... WELL ... I had not

cut or colored my hair for over 2 years .. and I am a short hair person...

just wore it up ... went to a gal I have know for years .. it's the worst

hair cut I have ever had .. the color was awful and Had to re-color it

myself ....she has been doing it for years and I think she is just burned

out ....Oh well .. as everyone says .. it will grow .....jeeez ..just pulling it

back was sooooo easy .....

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@SeaMaiden   My hair was at least to the middle of my back or a little longer for many years.  I don't remember my exact age (probably somewhere in my middle 50's  (I was always young looking for my age) I started getting it trimmed a little at a time - an inch or so at a time so that now in my 70's my hair is about the length in the picture. 


The only time I had short hair was in my 20's when I wanted a "Sasson" if any of you remember that with the points in front of the ear and the ear cut out but longer on top.


My hair was always exceptionally good looking (not to brag but I got many compliments all my life on my hair.  I was a hair model for a beautician in a contest as one time.  As I aged, my exceptional hair was not exceptional anymore, it aged too!


BTW that style is beautiful - I think you will like it.  But if you are unsure, maybe just start out doing what I did, a little at a time.  I hardlly noticed going from long hair to what I consider "short" hair - at least fo me!


Once you get it to a length that feels good to you, you will be happy with it and remember, hair does grow if you don't like it!  But I think you will and feel good about a new style.

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I love it.  Go for it!

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I hope you like the results, @SeaMaiden .  I just (well, a month ago) had my bob trimmed and my long-time stylist tried a new technique.  I hated it at first but as it grows it is really good.  Look ahead!  


Make it look effortless.

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That's a great cut @SeaMaiden. Go for it.

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@kate2357  Glad you love it! How encouraging!

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

@kate2357  Glad you love it! How encouraging!

I did ask to have my back turned from the mirror for the first cut. Lol. 


I was going to ask you or anyone else who has experience with "beach wave" curling implements, which do you use and how hard/ easy is it to get a nice wave? I've used a curling iron for over 40 years and I just can't get that soft curl/wave that sticks around for long, even with hairspray.


Hope you like your new cut. I seriously do like mine and am very happy with my hair.

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Glad everyone is happy with their haircuts.  I know it grows back but nothing is worse than a few/several months of a "bad hair day".  I've had my share with a cut that is so finicky.

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@SeaMaiden   This is a great casual look.  I say go for it!  It isn't a "do" which I absolutely hate, but youthful and carefree. It also still has that long hair look.  I am in the same situation as you, but not sure about how to go about finding a stylist.  My sister always cut my hair, but her life is in a crisis mode at the moment and I would never ask her to cut it now.  How did you decide where to go to get it cut?  


I have been cutting the length of my hair off an inch at a time myself and I must say that each time, it seems to take age off my face. Just getting the ends off has made a big difference.  Is your hair the color of the picture you posted?  I wish you could post a before and after picture.....maybe cover your face if you are shy ?? Woman Wink


Can't wait to read about your adventure!

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