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My clarisonic should arrive this week and am asking for suggestions from you that have used yours for awhile..What cleansing product do you use etc.I guess I should wait to ask these questions but am excited.Bought Clarisonic profile. How long before you saw results and are you pleased...

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Congratulatons!  I've had mine since it first came out and just ordered 3 for Christmas presents.  The demos you see on the Q - the models are wearing full face make-up - - wrong in my book.  Remove make-up before applying more cleanser and then use your Clarisonic.  Question:  how does one clean pores and face with full make-up on - but they want to show you how much the C removes.  I say, big deal, my washcloth would do the same.  And....go slowly, do not try for speed timing.  Should machine stop after one minute and you need more cleaning - just push the ON button for another minute or two.   Enjoy your new Clarisonic.

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Re: New to Clarisonic

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Congratulations on your purchase @pattiewaddle

Results were immediate for me. I'm sure you'll have many suggestions for cleaning products.


From what I've read here, the biggest complaint about Clairsonic comes from people who frequently recharge short cycles. Over time, that 'teaches' the battery to hold less of a charge and in turn, needs recharging more often.


The battery in your Clarisonic is meant to be deeply discharged, then fully recharged before using again.

A full recharge for me take somewhere between 24 and 30 hours. In other words, not just overnight, or worse, just a few hours..


I can run a 2 minute cleansing cycle on my face daily for nearly a month before it signals me to put it on the charger again.


These batteries also don't like to sit idle. If I'm going to skip using my Clarisonic I'll just push the button and let it run for 2 minutes so the battery is called on to run daily.



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In the shower, I use a damp washcloth to remove my makeup, apply a cleanser (I use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser), and then use my Clarisonic. 


I agree with Hedge about letting the battery run completely down.  That's what I do, and I've had mine for over 5 years.


Enjoy--I think you'll love it! 

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Smart profile worth the investment. Immediately, Witnesses results.
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I've been using Clarisonic twice a day for over 3 years and I absolutely love it. I noticed a huge difference in the feel and texture of my skin immediately upon first use. Because I use Retin A, my skin is very sensitive and most cleansers, even the ones marked "sensitive," burn my skin. So I just use WEN on my face with my Clarisonic and it's wonderful!

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@pattiewaddle wrote:

My clarisonic should arrive this week and am asking for suggestions from you that have used yours for awhile..What cleansing product do you use etc.I guess I should wait to ask these questions but am excited.Bought Clarisonic profile. How long before you saw results and are you pleased...

I purchased my 1st Clarisonic many yrs. ago when they first came on the market & upgraded to the one that could have the body attachment for the shower.


My best advice is to use a makeup remover (I use an oil) to remove your makeup and then use the Clarisonic to wash the 2nd time to clean out pores. I know they demo the models taking makeup off w/ it, but to me it seems that it would just grind the makeup, grease and dirt into the pores. 


I use Retin A 2 or 3 times a week and cleanse w/ Clarisonic alternate nights. Both manually and the other chemically. For my skin, doing both on the same night is too irritating.


I began to see smoother, clearer skin within 2 weeks. It helps to take off the dead skin cells and pores looking tighter.


You'll love how squeaky clean your skin feels. I use it down my neck & on my chest. Whatever I do or use on my face (day and/or night) goes all the way down to bra line.


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Re: New to Clarisonic

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@pattiewaddle I'm sure you can use any cleanser as long as there are no granules in it.  I agree with those who said to not use it to remove a full face of makeup.  It just gets your brush dirty looking.  I also agree about the battery charging...wait until it lets you know it needs charging and let it fully charge.


Also the Clarisonic doesn't replace an exfoliator. This is to clean your face.  The brush might kinda buff off flakey dead skin, but they never tell you it's an exfoliation device.  Enjoy it!

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Re: New to Clarisonic

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I have been using a Clarisonic for over 10 years and about a year ago had to replace my first one. Seriously won't be without it. As far as cleansers, they just recommend not using anything with any kind of exfoliating or any time of scrub that may have microbeads. That will damage the machine. Not to mention that the Clarisonic will also exfoliate. I only use mine once a day maybe 5 days a week. I also use Retin A so don't want too much exfoliation. It almost instantly will give a glow to your skin. One thing that I do that I think is important is that I remove my makeup first with a makeup removing cleansing wipes.such as Skinn Olive and Enzyme Cleansing Wipes. Or any wipe would be fine. That way you aren't just moving all of that old makeup around on your face. It also helps to keep the brush cleaner too. When I replace mine I did upgrade to the Smart Profile and love it.

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Congratulations on your purchase!  I've got thte original Clairisonic and it's still going strong. I use it once a day with Philosophy Exfoliating Wash (I know, they advise against this but it works for me). If I remember correctly (it's been a long time), I started seeing results within a few days of using it. I'm 63 and my skin is nice and clear. If I skip a day or two (usually to allow it to dry out completely before recharging), I get some small break-outs around the base of my nose but they go away once I use my Clairisonic again. As the others have stated, I don't use my Clairisonic to remove makeup. For one thing, you can't run it over your eyes and that's where I use the most makeup. I agree that having the models remove their makeup really makes a statement for demonstration purposes, but I don't use it that way. In addition to using it once a day as I noted above, I'll use it again with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple if I've been working in the yard, setting up my flower pots, getting sweaty exercising or some other activity that causes my face to get dirty. Besides cleaning my face, it feels so soft and smooth that I feel like I've just had a facial. When you use it, you don't need to put much pressure on it. Just let it glide over your face. I hope you like it - I can't imagine using anything else to clean my face.