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New product pulling on your heart strings

Ok, anyone else have a problem with him selling a product based on his mother's cancer and a homeless man? Yes, man, any1 watch Flipping Out, well he was on there. The homeless guy is gay man dressing as a female. So if some1 was living on your doorstep and you had millions, would u not buy them a home and show them the way to a job and food? Would u really let them continue to live on your doorstep? I would treat a dog or cat better than that! Think about it for a second, wouldn't u! As a mom, would you want your child to sell a product based on the thing that killed u, cancer? Without 1 dime going to cancer research? Now b4 u jump down my throat and defend your precious Wen, remember I've spent a fortune on Wen. I even use it as a conditioner on my long haired dogs. I think he could have presented it so much better, if u are naming a product with the memory of 2 dead people, then u should be giving a % of your profits to cancer research and the homeless. I really have a problem with him showing photos of the 2 of them and almost crying and putting his hands together in prayer and thanking people for buying this product without giving BACK! No one should sell a product based on tearing on your heart springs without giving back. It's just wrong. It's really disturbing to me and I really have to think twice b4 buying this line again. It's a shame, I see it over and over, nice people get lots of money then get extremely greedy and turn into not nice people doing this type of thing. I came to this board thinking some1 else had to think the same thing but no1 had the guts to post it, because this line is highly defended.