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New Treatment for excess sweating

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Fyi, just saw this article.   It will become available late summer / offered through doctor's offices.


"There’s a new sweat solution coming to doctor’s offices, and it’s just been FDA-cleared for the treatment of hyperhidrosis in adults. The International Hyperhidrosis Society estimates one in three U.S. adults—that is 85.2 million adults—deal with hyperactive sweat glands. Until now, the common in-office included temporary botox injections and  MiraDry. The Brella SweatControl patch is placed under the arms for three minutes and can stop excessive underarm sweating for months. 


How it Works

Brella uses a patented “targeted alkali thermolysis” (TAT) technology to reduce excessive underarm sweating. The sodium sheet patch generates heat once it comes in contact with sweat and targets the sweat glands to slow production. 


“The basic idea is that the sodium in the patch reacts with water in the sweat, and there is a chemical reaction that produces heat. This results in targeted heat therapy in the underarms,” explains Briarcliff Manor, NY dermatologist Derek Chan, MD. “This targeted heat therapy then causes injury to sweat glands in the underarms and therefore a reduction in sweating for a few months until the sweat glands recover.”

The FDA clearance was granted based on data from a study with 110 participants with hyperhidrosis. Study results showed an improvement quality of life in the treated subjects with at least 50 percent improvement in Gravimetric Sweat Production (GSP) by four weeks. 


How Often You’ll Need to Go Back

Results last up to three to four months and Dr. Chan notes patients can return for a new patch to continue treatment.

Side Effects or Risks

Niquette Hunt, founder and CEO of Candesant Biomedical, the company that makes Brella says it’s proven to be safe and well tolerated. “In clinical studies, there were no severe or serious adverse events reported by any study participant,” she explains. “Over 80 percent of participants in the pivotal clinical trial reported no adverse events at all.”


A Convenient Add-On

New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD says she can see the patch being an easy add-on for patients coming for other treatments. “Because it does not require expensive capital equipment cost, I expect this to be more commercially successful,” she explains. “There’s less of a barrier to trying it and patients can be treated while doing other procedures.”

Coming Soon

Brella will be available in select doctors’ offices in late summer of 2023."


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Re: New Treatment for excess sweating





I wonder how this might work for excessive sweating from the head, as common with ppl with such AutoImmune Disorders, as Orthostatic Intolerance (OI), CFIDS/ME, Fibro) 


Nothing seems to be available for this, these Dx's above yet, according to my MD Specialist, except adding more salty products, (which also has it's own issues, IMHO)  I'm not a fan of added salt.  When he keeps & continually strongly suggests this, I thought he was crazy.  But each time his suggestions are "crazy," they work..


I think a product like Carpe® has branched out to products beyond their original, single body area use, 1 product.


I can keep my fingers crossed.

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Re: New Treatment for excess sweating



Carpe does have one for the face.  It ruined my skin barrier and I have a sturdy complexion.  I would never recommend it.


My sweating issue is also my face.  My underarms stay nice and dry from my deodorant.  

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Re: New Treatment for excess sweating

What makes me more miserable, sweat or heat?  Too bad it doesn't generate cold instead of heat.