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  After using the nuface mini, above brow area,  my eye seems to sag a little more than before using it in this area. That seems odd to me!



Do any users of nuface mini, have this issue of sagging after use, on eyes, or on any other face area? I would never use any thing on my neck or throat area or  too close to my eyes.


Im brand new to nuface and maybe not using it right.


Have any of you read the tiny print that says long term use of microcurrent is unknown?


I plan on not using every day after reading that.

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All I can tell you is my experience.  I used it faithfully for a year and there was absolutely no improvement.  Of course by then there was no returning it.  I also had to be careful about not using it on the neck and throat area because of thyroid issues.  Sometimes I felt as though it triggered migraines.  Not a fan.  I gave it to my sister.  No changes for her either.


Don't wait until it is too late to return if you are seeing no results.  JMHO

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