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New Josie Maran Retinol Eye Cream

Has anyone bought this yet; and, if so, how do you like it.  I'm very tempted.  Also, not on QVC yet but on her websitel.


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Re: New Josie Maran Retinol Eye Cream

I purchased the eye cream when it first came out. I like it. It plumps up the skin and concealer slides right over it. I would purchase again.

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Re: New Josie Maran Retinol Eye Cream

I'm sending mine back. If you have dry skin under your eyes it makes it worse! Also look in a magnifyling mirror & you'll see little pieces of glitter under your eyes!! It contains silica which is very drying & Synthetic Fluorphlogopite which is used in eye shadows to give them a sparkle. Also shine a light into the jar & you'll see all the sparkly stuff in it. I guess she used the fluorphlogopite to mask dark shadows & make your eye look brighter. For a clean beauty product she has some questionable ingredients IMO.

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Re: New Josie Maran Retinol Eye Cream

Hi @patticakes 


I bough this from the JM website when she first intorduced it.  The first time I used it, the next morning, I did see less redness.  For some reason I have redness above my eyebrows.  lol.  So I put this all around my orbital bone and above my brows.  


I have not experienced any glitter or sparkle.  I just shined a penlight in the jar, I didn't see any specks.  So I have not had any issues with gliltter or anything like that.  I probably will buy again.  I have been a JM devotee for a while now. Love the milk the most.  


But!!! I also bought the Tatcha TSV and it came with an eye cream.  And I like that one, too!  So I have been using both, one at night and the other in the day,  The tatcha does seem thicker.  I just tap that around my eyes and let it sit.  


I use a couple different concealors.  The Tatcha Pearl is a favorite and it works fine with either.  I also sometimes use the Josie Maran and Thrive concealers.  I like all three of these and seem ok with either eye cream.... so many products, so little face!

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Re: New Josie Maran Retinol Eye Cream

All I can say is Josie Marian  must be a millionaire by now.Many people buy her expensive things.Good for her!