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Re: New Gucci Bloom Fragrance

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@mimi5775  I did a bit of browsing on my way into & out of JC Penneys, but nothing caught my fancy, so it was easy (for me) to avoid spending more $$!


ETA: And, I more than made up for it at other places that I stopped & shopped, both before & after Penneys!

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Re: New Gucci Bloom Fragrance

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@aubnwa01 wrote:

I think it's a brand new fragrance that just came out this month (at least here in the US) so that may be why there are no samples available yet on ebay?

@aubnwa01  you're right....nada zilch... nothing yet as far as a real sample one ebay. And it is new so is the new My Burberry Blush (they were in the same magazine lol).

But may just try in person, a macy's very near us....just dont wanna get in there and buy things that I don't need (no self control).

I will wait since you like it and it's right up my alley and keep checking ebay.

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