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New CALISTA Hairdryer

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Last night's show with Shawn had yet another hair tool from Maria McCool's CALISTA line.  It's a $299 hairdryer that, to me, appeared to be a close second to the Dyson hairdryer.  I'm mentioning this because Shawn used to rave over the Dyson dryer, but last night she was swooning over the Calista dryer!  I get it that their job is to $ell $ell $ell, but it's just not believable to have a host rave so insanely about an item and then that item's suddenly not as great anymore because a new product came along.  Maybe the hosts should just finetune their excitement and take it down a notch.  Just my opinion.  I don't mean anything unkind toward Shawn specifically.  

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I have an idea she's hoping people are like she is and is always waiting for the next best thing to come along, I'm like that with skin care. Shawn's just like that with everything she sells, cause that's her job.

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I didn’t think that hairdryer looked me it looked very awkward.

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Re: New CALISTA Hairdryer

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IMO, ALL of the hosts do the same thing, not just Shawn, so I wouldn't single her out for this.


As mentioned by @blackhole99  above, that's their job!

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Maybe she likes both.

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I have tried several of the Calista appliances and her hair products...NONE of them are great.... or even good.  Buyer beware.

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I would not pay that much for a hair dryer. After I wash my hair I use BOUNTY paper towels to get my hair. semi dry. I have thick hair and this works for me. Then I get my cheap Revlon hair dryer out. It works well.
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All I have to say is I am not buying Calista's hair dryer nor Dyson's for that price.  My hair is normal so I do not need such a dryer.  However, if I had thick hair, I would probably consider it.  I could care less about what the hosts say.  They are trying to sell any product they can.

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If all the hosts purchased, used and wore everything they claimed, they’d be considered hoarders. Sometimes, with clothing, they order multiples while presenting...shouting to their producers what color they’d like in a XXS. 

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