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Nice to see more Tarte products - love Tarte - sick of seeing only IT products on air.  Found interesting a new tanning body butter by Josie.  While I'm here, don't like the Beauty IQ format - too slow moving - just can't watch. 

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I like Tarte too.  The makeup sets I can purchase from QVC, but I can never purchase foundation and concealer by Tarte from Q because they never offer the shade the brand usually calls Tan Sand.  They usually skip up from the neutral regular Tan up to a deep rich shade.  


As for beauty IQ, I really don't mind the format at all.  Depending on the guest it's actually grown on me.  I've expressed my admiration for Alberti as a host before, but I think Elise has really found a niche in this pace and style of programming.  She always felt a bit out of sorts when I used to see her hosting late night on QVC.  I like her manner with the guests and (although she's young and pretty), the willingness to come on television not wearing any makeup is always worthy of a thumbs up.  Not many women -- even amongst us-- would be willing to do that.  

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@hoosieroriginal. I always forget to ck. Beauty IQ guide & have to watch on IPad...not on cable. So real disappointing when I tune in to middle of makeover and can't rewind, etc.


The Beauty channel and both other Qs spend way too much time on each product...mostly getting to only 4 an hour...The 1st 20 minutes devoted to the TSV. Just give the details and move on...we get it.