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Re: Neuropeptide Facial Cream

I think it's always been quite liquid. I know I have to be very care ul not not to allow too much to dispense at one time - and that has sometimes been a challenge for as long as I've been using it - maybe 5 years?

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Re: Neuropeptide Facial Cream

On 1/24/2015 Elektra said:

I had the same experience. I contacted the Perricone office and Rep#1 said that all products are rigorously tested & they would NEVER send anything out that wasn't up to their standards; they also suggested that this was just a single incident and that my memory of the product was faulty. I faxed them copies of customer reviews and followed up with a phone call that was never returned. Rep#2 was a youngster who wasn't familiar with the product, although she said she'd been working there for more than a year. I was put on hold when I asked to speak to a Manager, and after 7 minutes no one picked up the call. When I called back I was told that no manager was available. Guess what happened after I asked to leave a message with my name and telephone number -- nothing!

Since Dana has always touted the newest product as a "breakthrough", and always suggested that anything we were currently using was obsolete, I decided to call the store for a phone consultation. Products offered based on my description of my skin's condition -- over $1200. The Rep was a bit annoyed that after spending 10 minutes on the phone that I asked if there was anything we could eliminate to reduce the cost, since I didn't want to spend that amount -- especially since I already had more than $5-600 in products. "Oh" she said, "so you've been here before." When I said I'd been buying from QVC, she suggested I continue to buy that way. Since I live in NYC, only 15 minutes away from Perricone, a smart rep would have suggested that I come into the store. When I did that on my own the store was empty and it was very interesting that again, once I mentioned that I'd been buying from QVC the staff wasn't interested in selling me anything. Some of the Perricone products I've bought over the past 5-6 years were wonderful, but after these experiences I vowed to stop buying Perricone products. It was very disappointing...

Since then, I've tried a variety of things from QVC to lift the lid area, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, firm lift and tone the face and neck, and reduce the beginning of turkey neck. I'm doing fairly well with a combination of Dr Gross, and Skinn Cosmetics, but I feel a bit lost and that my choices have been somewhat haphazard. Anyone with product advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

try wen six thirteen body treatment I kid you not!!! I am a religous argan oil woman and will never be without it but when you need some real rapid changes , this cream has been unreal.... I got it for body and neck but then I tarted to use it on my face and im stunned and please believe I am not a WEN cultie but that product is really productive

hope that helps