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Need suggestions for sensitive eyes with dry patches please!

Hello ladies! I am hoping to get some help from you who have experienced this..I have VERY sensitive eyes that usually burn and tear up with many mascaras and eye creams. I had stopped using HIAT due to milia and tried some other eye creams to help with lines and my very dark circles. I ordered a kit from Josie Maran that had a tinted moisturizer And concealer. This caused me to break out and develop dry patches under my eyes towards the inner corners that are not going away and look worse when I apply any under eye concealer. I have used a PTR eye gel which causes my eyes to tear from the sting. I have been using just the Argan oil alone but it is not getting rid of the dry patches either and neither is Vaseline. I bought some vitamin e oil today and am trying that now. My next step is using aquaphor. Any help for what else to try? Any suggestions on a good eye cream to use daily to keep this from coming back?