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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

@Knitgirly wrote:

That has happened to me in reverse, at a salon. I asked for highlights and after they were done, no one could see them... to the tune of $120.
They then, sat me down and redid them, then it was too much and I looked totally blonde- Then they toned them and it was ok, but 4 hrs later, I was very annoyed.

I dont go to salons anymore- don't trust them and wayyyy too much money.
No one understands my coarse, wavy difficult hair, and if I do get a cut I like, they can never replicate it.  Gave up. 

@Knitgirly   A lot of frustration at salons. I went several weeks ago for a "trim" that gratefully, my stylist didn't charge for since only cutting the neckline straight across to finish my growing out process to a level bob shape. 


I realized the other day, I needed to to have a few wispy ends cut before they split or became frizz. Instead of taking the chance of being charged for a full cut at $100 + tip, I have a haircutting scissors and went through it myself. No harm done and it curls much better. He probably would have gone through it and created layers by cutting too much. I always have to watch like a hawk during a cut no matter how great the stylist. 

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

@Shanus wrote:

@ECBG wrote:

if your highlights are redone, the bleach will likely break your hair.  I would wait it out a few months and find a stylist on Angie's List.


@ECBG   That would be my advice, as well. Give her hair a rest and then find another stylist. I wouldn't try to do anything with boxed color, color remover, more highlights now, etc. She'd risk a lot damage to her hair and possibly, the worst thing, having to have a shorter haircut to get hair healthy again. 



A few hot oil treatments could go a long way or another treatment.

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone of you that has posted to give me advice.


For now, I'm just going to stick to washing my hair and allowing it time to have the toner wash out of my hair.


My problem with finding another stylist is that now that she and I have reconnected our relationship, it's going to be really awkward for me to leave her.


When I was going to the other place with the guy that I loved for many years talked to one of the other stylists in the salon about doing his clients' hair.  The problem was that the price doubled and I just can't afford her price.


Again, thanks to all of you who took time to offer advice.

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

@HisElk1 wrote:

The guy I was going to for over 15 years moved out of the country.  He was excellent and his prices were great.


I have my hair which is a medium brown with a few blond highlights put in about every 6 or so weeks. 


Since he's  no longer around, I had to find someone else and ended up finding a woman I used to go to many, many years ago through facebook.


She did my hair on Monday, but unfortunately, she put way too many highlights in it and it was way too blond.


I spoke to her the next day and she offered to come to my house and put some toner on it for me.  She put the toner on and after 15 minutes, she said to go and rinse it out in the shower, then shampoo/condition which I did.  She had to leave, so she said to text her and let her know how it looks.


After blow drying it, I almost fell off my chair realizing that it is now very close to one solid dark brown, with a few stray highlights in the back.


DH took 2 pictures of the front and back and I sent them to her asking her thoughts.  She agreed it went very dark and told me to use a clarifying shampoo the next day which I did.


It is still very dark and just doesn't look very good on me, especially with not even a few blond highlights.


Any thoughts/suggestions?  The last thing I want to do is have her put more highlights on top and damage my hair.



@HisElk1 @Just hold out for your next visit and the hairdresser can add more highlights in. Your colorist sounds like a reasonable person and I think he or she is willing to work with you and get your hair the color you want. 

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

The same thing happened to me! I do carmel highlights in my brown hair. Well she did too many and even with toner it was soooo blonde. I hated it!! Went back in. She said she couldn't re tone it? But instead, wove my regular darker root color inbetween the highlights and that toned it down and it looks fine now. 

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

I am just seeing this for first time, but here is my 2 cents. To lighten hair color apply a clarifying shampoo or dandruff shampoo to DRY hair, let it sit for 30 minutes or more before rinsing. Repeat as many times as needed to achieve desired results. this was told to me years ago by a colorist from Revlon, and it works great. 

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

@KatCat1 wrote:

@HisElk1    there is a product that will lift color.  Years ago my stylish colored my hair too dark so he had to lift the color.  I don't know the name of it but it does exist.  Another option is to leave it.  This woman does not sound like she knows what she is doing.  Best of luck to you.










The product is called Effasol.  I would never recommend that anyone use this product to remove a toner.  it is very harsh.  

You can mix shampoo with baking soda half and half and apply to your hair to remove the dark color, but then you will be back to blonde. You can also apply it to some of your hair...probably do-able if a friend helps.


Personally, I would just let the color fade out on it's own.  You can always go to a colorist who does corrections, but it will cost you.


The next time you get highlights be sure to ask for just a few highlights.  Another idea is to buy a bottle of Roux Fanci-full rinse or mousse once your blonde highlights are exposed.  It is only a temporary color and will 100% wash out with each shampoo, but it's a great bandaid to help you get by until you hair grows out.  Hidden Honey or Sweet Cream should work to tone down the blonde , or you could use a darker color like Spun Sand.

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

@Shelbelle@Carmie, thank you for your advice.


For the time being, I am continuing to wash my hair with alternating the dandruff shampoo and clarifying one.


It has been about a month since I had it done and it's beginning to lighten up a bit, but it's a slow process since I don't wash my hair every day.


@Carmie, you mentioned about going to a colorist to have it fixed which I have done in the past a very long time ago and yes, it was very expensive, so I'm just going to wait it out.  I figure if I give it a break for a couple more weeks, it'll give my hair a chance to recover without putting on anymore products.


I appreciate everyone's advice.

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Re: Need advice regarding hair color

Just curious @HisElk1 - what country did your stylist move to?  Is he gone for good?  Maybe he'll return one day.