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Ignore my all higher end hairspray suggestions.  It might help if I take the time to really read. Smiley Surprised

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L'Oréal Elnett is tops as far as drugstore brand. It's a cult classic and delivers!

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Hello, @StillRachB. Smiley Happy



Not a drugstore brand, but it is at the $10 mark. Nick Chavez makes some hairsprays, but they come in small cans and you have to get them at Nick's site.



Nick Chavez Amazon Hair Body Building Spray, 2.25 oz.






Flocker - For Wet or Dry Hair, 2.25 oz.



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Another vote for Tresemme Tres Two...there are several levels of hold. I prefer number 4, it holds well, but my hair is still soft and it brushes out easily.

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Are you greatly bothered by scents?  My problem is that I might like the performance of a hairspray but the scent gets to me.  


I cannot stand the smell of Elnett or Tre Semme although I liked the hold, etc. 


Right now I am using the Pantene Airspray.  Unfortunately, it's just not quite enough hold for my fine hair.

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Not Your Mother's brand. I love their texturizing spray and their unscented hair spray. Buy one get one 1/2 at Ulta now or the drugstore sells it. I'm using lots of this brand and really like it!!

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pantene  air spray is really good. brushable light hold. Marc Anthony ( I think thats the name)  has an argan oil and keratin shine hair spray i picked up a year or so ago at Walgreens

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@Shanus wrote:

@StillRachB. Don't use hairspray often, but be sure if you color your hair and are conscious of using sulfate free s&c, look for the same in your hairspray.


Since my hair is curly & color treated, I find the alcohol in spray dries it out. I try to get my hold from nourishing style products.




Do you realize  styling products NEVER contain sulfates?   Sulfates is a cleaning agent in shampoos and in other " cleaning" products. its like soap.  They simply do not exist in hairsprays LOL

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@StillRachB wrote:
Looking for recs for hairspray. Preferably drugstore/target brand. I've been using a prestige brand but looking to save a little money, s would like it to be under $10. I usually like aerosol because of the fine mist. I like medium, flexible hold that isn't stiff. Maybe something that will add a little shine, too (but not a huge factor.)

I like Big Sexy Hair but it's a little over your price point. For around $10 or less, I love the Aussie brand hairsprays. 

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