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Re: Need a good foundation

I like Avon's True Color Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation.  I'm a bit older than you.


A while ago, I switched from years of liqud foundations for a rather odd reason.  I accidentally dropped/dripped foundation on a brand new white rayon blouse and it didn't wash out and ruined it.


So I switched to a compact and Avon was my first choice and I loved it.  It's a very nice "soft" look and feel.  A compact lasts about a month with daily use.


It comes in 16 shades.  And it's currently on sale for $8.99.

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Re: Need a good foundation

@ladybug girl   I use No 7 tinted moisturizer but they have about 4 different foundations too.  Sold at Walgreens and Target but I think you will get better assistance at Walgreens with a sales girl.  They also have a tool they use that touches your skin and selects the best shade for you.  Under $20 for the foundations.  Made in France and the company in based in the United Kingdom. I am 69 and I think No 7 offers excellent products.

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Re: Need a good foundation

IT has a liquid foundation~~not available on QVC~~CC+...your skin but better...the not foundation...some name like those!  I am in my 60s and, like you, have been on a quest for the holy grail of foundation~~this is the one I use.

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Re: Need a good foundation

I'm 60 years old with combination skin and very, very large pores.   I LOVE Wander powder foundation.  You apply it with a "puff/sponge" thing that's included with the compact.  This powder does not collect in my pores and just makes me look better, not like I have a lot of foundation on.  The only negative thing is that it is somewhat fragile and it can eventually break apart in the compact.  When that happens you can really only apply it with a brush.  I have to say, though, it takes some time for this to happen.  

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Re: Need a good foundation

I use quite a few different foundations but lately I have been liking Neutrogena Healthy Skin.  I am 67 and it doesn't seem to settle in lines.  It feels very soothing and soft.  I would not say that it has a super ton of coverage but has a fair amount and is natural looking.  It is rather dewy so that might be good for you as mentioned you are a bit dry.  I think it looks a tad shiny, which I don't like, so I powder just a wee bit on my nose and chin!  

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Re: Need a good foundation

i too had to give up powder foundation - my skin is so dry to begin with.  I switched to Philosophy Hope in a Jar Skin Tint and love it.  flawless when applied with a brush.

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Re: Need a good foundation

I love Bobbi Brown's Stick Foundation, but this summer so far I have been loving my Mineral Makeup. I do not have dry skin, I have combo skin that gets oilier in the summer, so Mineral Makeup for me in the summer is perfect. I enjoy Smashbox Halo, BE Original and Everyday Minerals.......