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Lume is amazing. I won't use anything else. You can literally go for 2 days without stinkiness. I had the opportunity to find this out on a recent road trip.

You can use it anywhere on your body, which is a bonus.

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I had a similar problem to yours.


I had to try switching product types to see if that would help with irritation.


I switched to an aerosol spray product and that helped.

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I tried a lot of them (cheap and expensive) and they either broke me out in a rash, I smelled after a few hours or my armpits turned black.  I finally settled on Dr. Teals from Walmart.  I still sweat but not bad and no smell plus it is inexpensive.

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I use the crystal deodorant.  It's the one in liquid form in a roll on (so you don't have to wet it).  It's available at CVS, walgreens etc.  I also like the new soft and dri without aluminum but it's hard to find.  

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I am a doctor and get very sweaty in the lab coats and all the N95 gear, and I swear by the Weleda deodorants. I have used them for years. I use the spray Wild Rose one and it has stood the test of 12 hour, stressful, sweaty work days. I highly recommend it.

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@stb13   How about Tom' s?  I am allergic to all deodorants ans anti-antiperspirants for many years now.   I shower and use baby powder and it works for me.  I tried many times and different brands but always broke out in a rash.

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@Lisa Y wrote:


@stb13 wrote:
Hello ladies - just looking for some recommendations on natural deodorants. Unfortunately, conventional deodorants have been causing me issues. I've even tried Dove for sensitive skin and that worked for a short time, but like all the others ended up causing redness, itching and irritation. The minute I stop using any type of conventional deodorant the issues stop. Thankfully, I don't sweat a lot at all and have just been using gold bond powder without issue. I'd still like to try some natural deodorants and see the results. Thanks in advance for your help.

@stb13   I am using Lume (pronounced Lumey) and does it work! It can be used used on ANY stinky parts like feet, not just for underarms. Their ads are funny, too. It controls odor so well that I can do my 4mile walks and sweat, but no odor. Lume comes in a variety of scents which are subtle and go away after a few minutes after application.

Good luck on your hunt!

@Lisa Y   Lume is the only natural deodorant I can use, and I've been using it every day for about 9 months.  I've tried so many others, and they all gave me the rash, redness, and itchy tiny bumps.  I had given up trying, but bought Lume after seeing it advertised somewhere when I wasn't even considering natural deodorants anymore.  Love it!

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L'occitane from Provence makes several different natural & organic deodorants including their newest one where you use a brush to apply it.

I use quite a few of L'occitane products for face, hair & body as they use great natural ingredients. They have quick shipping, too with free samples. I've NEVER had an issue with product control either. Everything is sealed & wrapped in individual containers. 

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@Caaareful Shopper  I'm glad to hear that Lume works well for you, too. It's amazing! Now if the company can figure out to also make it an antiperspirant, that would be awesome.

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Re: Natural deodorants

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The only ingredient I was trying to avoid when testing various natural deodorants was aluminum. But none of the natural ones worked for me at all. I either had itching or other reactions and/or they simply failed to do their job.  But a couple of years ago I discovered that Secret has a no aluminum deodorant line—various scents. Available at Target and other stores, plus Amazon, of course.  Thrilled I found it and it works perfectly for me.