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@Shelbelle @I just saw a Lippmann polish kit on the sister network! 

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@Franklinbell wrote:

@Shelbelle @I just saw a Lippmann polish kit on the sister network! 

If it was on sale then it is a good deal, also Top Cashback has 12% back form HSN. I find her kits on amazon and ebay for as low as $15, I have several of them. I am wearing Chasing Rubies right now. I do recommend the Nail Aid products for nail maintenance. 

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I agree with @SilleeMee  love Londontown products. 

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@fairydogmother @Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about sally Hanse! That was a "go-to" for my mom and grandmother!

@Franklinbell @Janey2    I removed my artificial nails years ago once the grandkids were born...changing diapers wasn't pleasant for me or the babies with the hard I started using what I think is the best product to regrow natural nails.  I can't be without Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab solution.  I used to get it at CVS or Walmart...but it is hard to find in the stores.  It can be ordered on line...or thru Amazon.  My nails are strong and healthy now.  Great product.  

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@Franklinbell , I use Sally Hansen cuticle remover, the blue gel...its amazing.   Nail polish is Essie, and their topcoat.   The Essie gel polishes are also very good and I lasts longer, and use the gel topcoat.  Very simple application, and easy removal with regular polish remover.  I like Walgreens, extra strength  remover.