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Re: Nail Polish & Art - What's new for Fall?

@juperier - really cool, an interesting art form! You should start a thread on Nail Stamping and give us updates. 

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Re: Nail Polish & Art - What's new for Fall?

@Chi-town girl I'm not sure there's enough interest in here to keep a thread going. There are already so many youtubers and bloggers covering basic nail art techniques at all levels. Many, if not most, of them have far better photographic skills than I do (or perhaps more importantly than I want to develop).


On the other hand, it might be kind of fun if there is enough interest. I would want to open it up to other nail art techniques that can be done (or at least attempted) at home.


Personally, I'm just experimenting as the mood strikes me. For example, I'm experimenting with stamping if I have a mani that is intact the next day and seems compatible and I have the time. 


But I also want to try (or get better at):

  • decals
  • stencils
  • ombre
  • water marbling
  • drag marbling
  • "smoosh" art
  • jelly and pond manis
  • dry brush
  • dotticures
  • striping tape
  • really basic art
  • multi image stamping

Quick note on stamping...your base color mani has to be thoroughly dry. If you topcoat the base color mani, you can carefully remove the stamping with acetone if you mess up. Finding the right topcoat to put over any type of art is critical, otherwise your art will smear. 

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Re: Nail Polish & Art - What's new for Fall?

CND shellac, I stepped out of my comfort zone and had this color put on the other day. And on my toes too.

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Re: Nail Polish & Art - What's new for Fall?

@Chi-town girl wrote:

@willdob3 wrote:

I've only made one new fall polish purchase so far - OPI Freedom of Peach, from the (Kerry) Washington DC Collection. It is on my toes now! Very pretty shade.


I don't have specific shades for seasons, though some do tend to be more one than the other.  I tend to wear deeper shades in the fall/winter and brighter l, lighter shades in summer. 


But last December I went to the beach & wore a nude shade on both my fingers & my toes. 

@willdob3 - that D.C. collection is sweet!




There are several shades in that collection that I want to try! I'm really enjoying the Freedom of Peach shade. 


I enjoy looking at nail art but I keep my own nails veery simple. Anything goes on my toes, but always pretty neutral on my fingernails.