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I recently purchased a "NYX Slim Lip Pencil Creamy Long-Lasting Lip Liner" for $5 at Ulta. This is probably my favorite liner ever.  It is creamy, glides along the lips, and long lasting.  (Another plus - I love the color I got).  


I bought MAC for years, but have stopped because of animal testing.  I honestly like the NYX better than MAC.


The NYX pencils are made in Germany (at least the shade 'prune" is made there).

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@Swedishmiss - I have a number of these lip liners and agree, they are good!  Glad you found one you like.

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Re: NYX Lip Liner Review

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I dont use lip liners but I do love the NYX retractable eye liner pencils, they have great staying power.  I use them to line my bottom rims. 

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I love the NYX liners as well!  I gave up on the MAC ones ages ago! MAC seems hard and "draggy" after using the NYX liners!

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@Swedishmiss   Thanks for participating in No Animal Testing💓. and grateful for the review.  I'll try out the lip and eye liner.

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I love both the eyeliners and lipliners. I found the perfect color of lipliner that goes with all of my lipstick. What a deal!

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Oh, I can never have enough lip liners!  I shall go look at these right now!

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NYX lipstick is a winner. Creamy.intense color any very


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i agree!  I love those NYX eyeliners.  They stay put, even on the bottom waterline.  Great colors, too.  Might have to try lip liners after reading this post.

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I don't wear lipliners but so many of the YTers I watch swear by NYX lipliners.  Even those that are mostly high-end makeup.