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Just Say No No No....I tried it years ago, got zapped and it left a small scar.

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@stargazer,I've had mine since 2010 and used if at least every other day for 9 months but it malfunctioned and had to return it for replacement which took nearly 6 months.  I didn't use it as frequently after that...BUT... I now have very little hair on my legs and what does grow can hardly be seen and it takes about 5 weeks before I have to shave those areas.  I love it!!  I use it on certain areas of my legs that have some growth but not that often which I should and I probably would be hair free.  When I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee recently, the therapist asked  how my leg wasn't hairy and I told her about the NO!NO!  My doctor also kind of yelled at me for shaving my leg since I wasn't to be shaving my leg in the area of the surgery for a few weeks and found it hard to believe I hadn't!!   I started using it daily on my face and have seen hair regrowth diminishing a lot.  Well worth the money but you have to use it consistently or it will not work. 

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I've been using Emjoi Emagine for over 6 years and I hardly have any hair on my legs.  I recommend it highly.

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Two words - "burnt hair".  Yep, that's what it smells like.  I tried one for the fuzz on my face but I couldn't stand the smell, plus it tended to skip over facial contours.  

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I know someone who bought this at x-mas and swears by it.  She rarely has to shave her legs anymore and is now working on her arms.


I did have to laugh when they kept showing how the NoNo Pro alone is sold on HSN for $249.99.  Everytime they showed it, you could see it only had an average of 2 star reviews.  I was shocked they were showing that.  Then last night when they showed that again, they moved the screen down far enough so you couldn't see how low the reviews were.