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Look up Lume. It is terrific. I used Native and like Lume 5x more. It is Baking Soda free also. It has a video on their site that explains all about it. I am now on autodelivery.

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I tried the Native deoderant also but it did not work for me.  I currently use Suave and will look for the new paraban, aluminum free one. 

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I tried it with no success & ended up throwing it away.  It gets great reviews, so it obviously works for many people.

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I've been using Native for about 3 years, before it was available in stores.  I absolutely love it and it works well for me.  I started with unscented but now like to try a different fragrance each time.  I buy it at Target now.

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I like it.  I got a sample of the Coconut, and it's nice.  I don't think it works quite as well as Schmidt's, but I don't get the irritation I get from Schmidt's either.  (Native doesn't have baking soda in it and Schmidt's does, so makes sense.)


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