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I started doing my own gel nails last year. I stopped for a while and notice my nails are soft, breaking and bad conditon. Can someone recommend a nail conditioner or something to make my "nude" nails look pretty.

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I highly recommend OPI Nail Envy.

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I have to say that using the Julep nail polish has improved my nails greatly.  I usually do a nude nail, too; and my nails were looking really bad.  They were dry and had lines and cracks, etc.  I decided to try the Julep nail kit with the nude polishes and have been using that for several months now.  I use my own fast drying top coat after doing one or two coats of the Julep.  At this point, my nails are looking much better and I can even go without polish and they look good.

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I have to agree with @Krimpette!


I have used many products, lately it's Perfect Formula. But always get back to Nail Envy.

It's an old standby because it works! It is always in my nail arsenal!

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Sally Hansen Miracle Growth Treatment, gold bottle, gold top, my nails have never looked better, long,  very strong and very healthy. This is the best nail treatment I have ever used in the last 40 years.

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Everyone's nails are different, so it may take some experimenting to find the product that works best for you. My favorite products often don't work well for my friend and vice versa. 


My favorite product to help rebuild damaged nails is Nailtiques. It's a protein treatment and comes in different formulas and you change as your nails improve. (Too much protein can cause nails to become brittle, so that's important.)


For you nails, I would start at formula 2 Plus and then move to 2 after that tiny bottle is empty. You can use it alone or as a base coat for color. I recommend at least two coats if you wear it alone. I remove and reapply every 3-4 days.


Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat is also very good. That's usually my base coat of choice or  what I use if I have no color on because of the optical brighteners.


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I have two products that have made a world of difference with my nails. However, I must say that I don't do gels of any kin. Regular polish works the best for me. CND makes a product called Rescue Rx that is incredible. It is to be applied twice a day. It helps to remove white spots on the nails, helps the nails to grow, and strengthens nails. I am sorry that I have forgotten the price. Maybe $15. However, a much cheaper product is Hard As Hoofs  for $4.95. It is a cream to be used 3xday. I highly recommend either of these.  Hard As Hoofs is sold at Walmart near Sally Hansen products.

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I have found the following products work fo rme:

Perfect Formula gel coat. I use it as a base, color and/or top coat

Pro strong nail enamel when I want color on my nails

A.S.K. -nail conditioning remover-this stuff is the best! It removes the polish but it does not dry or strip the nail. One of my best finds.

T.I.P.S. cuticle oil-This is a one oil for many needs. It heals the skin around the complete nail, softens the cuticle,restores some moisture to the nail and promotes some nail growth. If used alone it looks very natural so it's great if you only have 5 minutes.



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My nails were really bad as well.  I switch back and forth between Nailtiques Formula 2 and Perfect Nails.  At the moment my nails are the longest they have been in a while plus they are not thin and weak.  I really like the Perfect Nail because it gives your nails a tint and I dont have to apply but one coat.  I reapply every few days.  

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I've always had bad nails, have used virtually every product anyone mentioned here on the boards including large doses of biotine, and nothing has helped in the least.  I think it's a matter of heredity and there's not much you can do about it.

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