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Mychelle and Mineral Fusion Brands ~ Or simply natural & organic skincare...

I have gone back and forth between convential skincare and natural or organic brands for a few years.

I want items that are anti-aging, so I picked Mychelle up at the WF market I go to and I've used Mineral Fusion from there as well. I can't figure out if the natural & organic brands are anti-aging at all and I sometimes get breakouts from them. But time-and-time again I refer back to Paula Begoun's opinion about products and I go back to either her brand (which I have had success with) or CeraVe. Paula seems to be very critical about natural or organic brands and rarely refers to them as "good" or "best".

My biggest concern is that my sister has had breast cancer twice (metastatic the last time and moved into her liver) and I don't want toxins for me, her, or our families. There are so many opinions about this and I'm confused.

I am acne-prone, combo oily, and I'm 44. I would appreciate any comments about how others feel about this and I realize that by asking I'd have more information to analyze!

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Re: Mychelle and Mineral Fusion Brands ~ Or simply natural & organic skincare...

I love both Mineral Fusion and Mychelle. I have been using Mineral Fusion for two years with no proplem at all. I use all of their cosmetics also. Im  46 with dry skin and am prone to acne from monthly hormone changes. I tried Mychelle about 6 months ago when it was on sale and I like some of their products more than Mineral Fusion however Mychelle is more pricey. The Mychelle products that I LOVE are the Clear Skin Serum and every single one of their face lotions, mists and serums. I have not found any of their lotions to clog my pores or cause breakouts. What I did was purchase their kits (on sale for $16 on their website right now) for dry skin, age spots, sensitive skin, and whatever the other one was. I used each for a couple of weeks and found that I like them all with dry skin one as my favorite. Good luck!

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Re: Mychelle and Mineral Fusion Brands ~ Or simply natural & organic skincare...

"Natural" has no meaning whatsoever when it comes to skincare and makeup. It's a hyped-up selling point.


I use a couple organic products but don't go out of my to look for them.


When someone has proved to me with scientific data that I am using toxins that by their very inclusion in my products or at the levels they are used in my products are harming me, be they Paula's Choice or any of my other skincare and makeup, then I will pay attention to what I consider right now to be fearmongering  and misinformation at its worst.

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Re: Mychelle and Mineral Fusion Brands ~ Or simply natural & organic skincare...

For about a year now I have been researching (intensely) and reading up on ingredients and possible toxicity from skin care and makeup products. I am 52 with pretty good skin but I too want the benefits of anti-aging in my natural skin care products. Unlike you, I do have super dry skin, which I think is easier to "treat" with the more natural products since many are oil-based.

I have dozens of cleansers, serums, oils, creams, etc. in an effort to find the right products to treat my need for hydration as well as my desire to include anti-aging properties.

I have not used MyChelle products (I have always thought of them as good for oily acneic skin), but a good friend with acne has tried them without success. I love Mineral Fusion products, but have only their makeup.

My current routine, having pretty extensive trial and error is as follows:

Cleanser- John Master Organics Linden Blossom Cream Cleanser.

Serum: Sunday Riley Luna Oil (has natural retinoid properties).

Moisturizer: Earth Tu Face Face Cream (more like a balm).

Daytime SPF: Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted SPF 30.

Mask: Earth Tu Face Honey-Coconut Mask


I also rotate with the following prodcuts:

RMS Beauty Coconut Oil for cleanser

RMS Beauty Oil

Kari Gran Oil Cleanser

Kari Gran Essential Serum

Pai Rosehip Bioregenrative Oil


There are more prodcuts I own but don't really liked or found them to help my dry skin. There are two lines- both pricey- that are natural and offer good results. They are Tata Harper and Sunday Riley. I am particularly interested in Sunday Riley products, and have used some of them but their prices are high. I started by ordering samples from Ebay. wise, I am a HUGE makeup hoarder-fanatic. But switching to natural products has proven easier in this department. I use these lines primarily:

Kjaer Weis (cream foundation, cream blush, lip colors, powder eye shadows)

RMS Beauty (Un-cover Up, blush, lip colors)

Mineral Fusion (eye pencils, brow pencil, mascara, lip colors, liquid eye liner)

100% Pure: lip colors, shadows, blush---their mascara is good but flakes on me)


And just to add, I have the BEST makeup brushes from Artis to apply all these products. Again, they are pricey but I consider them an investment.


Also remember that there are other products we use that do not fall into the skincare/makeup category that are full of chemicals: deodorants, body creams, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, fragrances (body sprays, perfumes, cologne), hand soap, laundry detergent, dish detergent, etc. I have been pretty successful at finding replacements for those too----but that's another topic!!!

Hope this helps.

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Re: Mychelle and Mineral Fusion Brands ~ Or simply natural & organic skincare...

@gotpaw, for acne-prone, oily skin I can recommend the Earth Science brand.  It's at Whole Foods but I've also seen it occasionally at Marshall's or TJMaxx for half the price.


I've used the Clarifying Facial Wash, Herbal Tonic Mist, and Aloe Vera Complexion Toner & Freshener and like all the products.


I tried the Almond-Aloe Moisturizer and didn't care for it on my face because it has almond oil and jojoba oil in it and jojoba oil always seems to make my skin break out.  They have a new oil-free moisturizer that I would like to try.


This line is pH balanced in the correct pH range so that your skin barrier isn't disrupted by using products that are too alkaline.  This line is paraben-free, no animal ingredients and no animal testing.


There are many more products in this line on their website at earthsciencenaturals dot com than what is available at Whole Foods.  And, I like that the line is reasonable priced.

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Re: Mychelle and Mineral Fusion Brands ~ Or simply natural & organic skincare...


For the reasons you are stating, I am now using the following brands: Dr Hauschka/Mineral Fusion/Faerieorganics (no nanos or other "junk")/100% Pure Foundation (pump bottle) and their non-silicone primer.

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