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My review of the Trish McEvoy Water Base Foundation

Some background info:


If you haven't read my Eve Pearl TSV review then know that I'm a N5 if using the MAC color system (no department or drug store offers this shade for purchase). In the past I need to use a white primer, the lightest base possible (which changes all the time because companies discontinue their lightest shades) and then a white or lavender powder. In the past, this was easy enough to do (though a pain) but my skin changed dramatically when I became post-menopausal (thank you surgery) and NONE of the products in the past look good now. It's been very difficult to find products that work and a foundation leads the list. They are either too dark, too pink, too yellow or turn orange after 20 minutes. Primers are a nightmare as well. Moving on...



The Trish TSV was a few days before Eve's. Trish has a new foundation and again, on air, some pretty pale models (of all ages) looked great with it on. Sadly, it's not shipping till October, so, I called her CS. The day my Eve Pearl TSV arrives, a package from Trish McEvoy did as well; it contained VERY generous samples of the Water Foundation in Fair, Beauty Booster Cream, BB spf and a few other large samples. Today I applied the Trish foundation at 5:30 am and here is what I think:


* color is a TAD off but it does morph to match the skin (this was discussed on air). For summer, this would be perfect as I go "darker" (who am I's still pale but I think it's darker). For winter, to match perfectly, I need to apply white MINERAL powder and a white pre-base (regular powder shows the pores). Have to say, NOT BAD. Yet, still not a perfect match.


*  Finish is BEAUTIFUL. Looks like my skin and yet, covers EVERYTHING. Now, this is what REALLY impresses me: I used the size of an ANT of product...covered my whole face. WOW. A 1ounce bottle would last me 3-4 years at this rate. Doesn't go dry or oily, no turning orange.


Have to say, the texture and finish are wonderful. I used her Even Skin in shade #1 from the day she brought it out till the day she discontinued it (why, Trish....WHY?!) and no other product made my skin look as flawless as hers.


Between the Eve Pearl and Trish foundations, Trish's wins by a mile. If you can get a sample, do so.