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My nose went sniffing at Nordstrom's...

The SA said everything was out on display for the holidays. The packaging is truly adorable this year. But I really disliked the scent of almost everything.{#emotions_dlg.crying} Ginger berry frost is the only "maybe" but I'm still not sure I'd want a whole bottle of it. The scents were just weird. Happy by the Fire says citrus but there wasn't any citrus at all in the lotion. The berries smelled artificial. Sparking Cranberry smells like cherry cough syrup. Twinkle Berry wasn't bad, smelled like fruit punch. That one could be a maybe. Others like Sugar Plum look pretty but have little scent and like so many of the new ones, there's a perfume note. Vanilla frost was just icky and slightly musky. Peace on Earth looks beautiful but the scent is an odd floral-mint. Most of the colors are superintense with lots of shimmer, think peppermint bark from last year. Makes me wonder if all the color and shimmer and berry and perfume-y is all because marketing wants to target a younger buyer? The ones who would wear Juicy Cotoure and Pink Sugar. I did tell the SA I didn't like the new scents at all.{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

The old standy-bys seem to be the same: GB Man and GB Girl, Candy Cane. Eggnog smells the same, ingredients are different. Will have to wait until I get a discount on dotcom to buy and try it as a shampoo to see if it feels the same.

Sephora didn't have anything out yet and my Macy's doesn't carry Phil.

I'm sad there don't seem to be any cute holiday packaged sets in my future this year.