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My first BE kit you remember it?

Hey ladies!! I was reading through your posts, and started thinking about when I first started using BE. I remembered my first kit, I wanna say it was called the friendship kit or something? It was a TSV, and came in a train case-ish thing, with a cruz ship on it- with Leslie and other BE ladies on the ship- it also had 2 mini foundations, a full size of aofc in glee (which I still have), and eyecolors in "pink sands" and 'fantasy island" 1st ever eyecolors!!

I know it had more in it, but those are the pieces that stand out to me, and that I know I still have. What was your first kit? Can you remember, and do you still have any of the pieces?

I never could get fantasy island to work on me..but Im soo glad Ive hung in there with this brand! Thet have changed alot in very little time really!!