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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄

@KatCat1, ugh! Hope that you start feeling better soon. Give Ava a hug from Harley.

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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄

@Tricolor  Thank you.  I am now on a high dose of prednisone to get my breathing back in line.  Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!  Ava sends love to Harley.  Cat Very Happy

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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄

@LTT1 wrote:

Cannot do matte lips.

The red I choose for me must have a pink-tone (blue-red like cherry red) within and be sheer.

Matte lipsticks accentuate lots of flaws.

Here are two pictures ...either one will do, but the one on the top i know I can get because that is DD’s!





@     @LTT1  ~


         I certainly _HAD_ to `have missed this one, since I always (on three forums) tout how much I love red lipsticks.

Never have I worn anything -even - since teen years- wore any other color


"Loves", I did not know you were a lippie red girl..I really never knew that before. 

  Your shade has more of a soft hue of soft-sheer pink than blue based, and I *think* you could go darker, especially with your top lip. ( Very pretty!)


With my fair skin and dark green eyes, being a medium brunette with soft reddish highlights, I tend to stay with a softer red with more intense orange and Deep Pink infused.

I have three main brands I stay with and always go matte, adding a slight glow of soft rose to give a Pouty look. I have two quality red * lipliners that are dry...invest in one that doesn't move. *BM is a #1.

   " >( nothing smeary) and fill in the entire lips just one time, then a soft 'clear' balm before applying color.


YOU certainly surprised me after these many years.


  If you find the right blush (for your coloring), that compliments the entire look. 


 When you have time, what different colors DO you use for your eye liners and or shadows? 

 With your skin coloring, you definitely can go darker, but no brown hues- period. 

 Since I don't know your eye color, a soft charcoal or light green would be my guess..WITHOUT any black hard pen type liner, and nothing under the eyelash.


Matte reds in a quality red does not have to be emphasizing any flaws ...that I can see; it's all in the gloss overlay.  You have no upper lip lines, if that's what you were referring to.


 Again,you surprised me on this. Heart NAES


"if you mentioned cherry red -I think immediately of the REVLON line ups"  -another poster has some sample shots: great mattes from Mac. 

I love YSL, Dior and Chanel. 


Talk with later. 

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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄

@KatCat1, thank you. Hope that the Prednisone does the trick. At least you won't be tempted to go outside in this awful weather. Cat Happy

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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄

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I usually don't like reds but the MAC Lipglass in Russian Red is the one! Perfect...not too orange or blue....just right. Try the $10 mini at Macys (if not sold out and free shipping on beauty today).

Image result for mac lipglass russian red


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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄



I will get back to you either here or on the other forum concerning this!

Thank you for your input! It is near my bedtime!



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Re: My decision about red lipstick💋💄👄

I bought Tatcha's Kyoto Red that came in a set. I had read reviews the shade was super flattering. Pricey, but this is the first red that I can wear. It has decent staying power, too. 

My husband is still trying to get use to this shade on me. 😄