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My Recent Clinique Counter Experience -- Disgusted & Disappointing

Next installment in my quest for foundation! GRRR!! I need to vent.

I've been searching for my HG foundation. Light and not cakey, but full coverage with benefits for mature skin. My options are limited as I have very sensitive skin and am very fair. Have broken caps on cheeks and chin and am slightly dry.

Went last week and the SA was very sweet and gave me a sample of Even Better which matched my skin nicely but this formula does not have the coverage I need.

I checked out the different formulas on their website and it looked like Repair Wear might be a better choice and it said under coverage "Full".

Went to Clinique counter yesterday. Explained my situation to a different SA. Very pleasant but she explained to me that the Even Better was the best choice for me with the most coverage and that Repair Wear was not "Full" coverage! Then why does it say that it is on their website? She also said that there are no colors in this formula that are fair enough for me and would not even type me!

We discussed the line they have with the yellow features - foundation, concealer & powder and she said this would not be a good fit for me either as these are for people who really have a lot of redness and my issue is really coverage for the broken caps. Well, that part is correct - my biggest issue is the broken caps.

I always have problems with concealer, too, as all the shades are too yellowish on my fair, pinkish skin and we discussed this. She said - basically, we have no concealer for you. Matching your skin tone is impossible!

I decided to keep using the sample of the Even Better and at her suggestion, added on the "Almost Power Makeup" compact, to see if this would add any coverage.

However, I am at a loss.....? Does this seem funny to you, that she would have this attitude toward me and my skin? My skin is not that bad and while I am fair, I am not ghastly pale or a sickly white shade. Leaving there, I felt as though, no formula or shade would ever help me!!! Don't get me wrong --- she was extremely pleasant and nice, but, I just left feeling very defeated.

My options are very limited as to where I can to shop for makeup since I am very sensitive. For instance, I cannot shop the other major counters -- Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc., because of these sensitivity issues.

What do you all think?

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