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Absolutely gorgeous!

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So pretty!  I love having my nails done and wearing my pretty rings, it brings me joy Smiley Happy

Thanks for sharing @SurferWife 

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Gotta ask, are these your own? @SurferWife 

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Love those pink nails! Your nail tech is amazing.

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VERY pretty!  I often look at Pinerest for nail ideas too!


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Love it !!!

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Almost makes me want to get my done again they are so pretty.  I just hate the time and expense involved (I have no patience and can't sit there that long), plus I actually really like my nekked nails. Though it sure is nice to have someone else file and shape them!

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@SurferWife  Beautiful!!!! Love!!! 

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I hard gel nails. It is appliedon top of my natural nail to make them stronger.  I then have gel polish on top.

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