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My Nordies haul - 3 for 33 at the semi yearly sale!

I went to the mall to get into trouble at Nordies and didn't even know it was semi-yearly sale time or that shower gels were 3 for 33, including those yummy new ones!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} My first purchase this year! Of course I couldn't stop at 3 so I did 6 for 66.{#emotions_dlg.blush}

French Vanilla Bean (ice cream) - so good, sweet vanilla and a good amount of scent. very creamy!

Pink Frosted Animal Cracker - I'm in love!! I don't think this has the lemon note like last years' version but this one won out in the shower tonight and oh my I'm in love. MUST.... BUY....MORE....

Sweet Orange Honey Jam - reminds me of marmalade

Mixed Berry Jam - this looks gorgeous just sitting in the bottle, deep red/wine color with shimmer. I don't always like the shimmer/sparkle but these jam gels are beautiful. Strong sweet berry and thankfully not a musk to be found.

Senorita Margarita - mine was almost empty and it's a staple of summer

Cinnamon Buns - oh great CB, i'll never divorce you. you're not as thick as before (no longer "ultra rich and creamy") but you're still creamy enough and thankfully the scent is the same.

i made out with freebies:

full size rasp sorbet lippie

3 AG samples

0.4 oz miracle worker moisturizer + 2 more packets

0.4 oz hands of hope

eyes wide open packet

a little hope pendant

i asked for a keep the peace moisturizer sample and she made up SIX sample jars for me!