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My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

What an experience and it wasn't a good experience. Really good sale on their website so I placed an order. I ordered 4 of the same item and only received one but charged for 4. I called the company and told them I have pictures to prove their branded box wasn't large enough to hold all 4 and I only received 1. They said a supervisor will apply the $62 credit back to my credit card but it takes 2 business days. I waited, no credit or confimation email like I was promised. I called back again. The rep couldn't find the credit and gave different time frames for the credit to process. In frustration I told him I will make it really easy for everyone and dispute the charge on my credit card. He said "We will block you from ordering from our company." It was a miracle because he found the credit and said it was sitting at my financial institution but they take up to 21 business days to process the credit. I really felt like they were stalling past the time limit to dispute on my credit card. I called my bank and no, there wasn't any credit from It Cosmetics pending or processed. I am disputing the charge and can live with being blocked from their company. After the fact, I researched customer service complaints for It and found many, some with similar experiences. I believe most are after Jamie sold the company. I've ordered from It Cosmetics in the past but it was before Jamie sold the company and received excellent service. Lesson learned. Even if I wasn't blocked on future orders, I'd never order direct again. At this point, I am saying Bye Bye to It and moving on. If there is something I can't live without, I will buy from QVC or Ulta. 

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

@Starliteshine    Thanks for letting us know about your experience.  It may save someone else a lot of grief.

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

I ordered some candles on Yankee over the phone b/c I could never get thru the website. I told CS that I wanted the sale price and she said okay. When she completed the order she didn't give it to me. I told her so. 

So she says since the order was completed I would have to wait until my order was delivered and they would give me a refund for the difference. What!!!

I called back and said I needed my refund credit. She gave it to me and it showed up the next day on my cc. Yippee


You never know but companies make ordering such a pain in the neck! You have to stay on them...


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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

@Starliteshine Thanks for telling your story.  You've done everyone considering doing business with this company a great service.

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

I have had good experiences ordering IT from Ebay.


The products I’ve purchased, so far, have been the 1 oz. full sized CC CREAM (all versions) for a total price of from $7.99 - $10.49.


Other products are the Bye bye undereye @ $4.99/tube, the full sized Primer @$ 8.49  and bye bye redness concealer @ $8.99.


I use Buy it Now. Most products arrived promptly, while others took

2-3 weeks. ( but that doesn’t matter to me).


Another brand Ive ordered was the original Ojon pre-cleansing hair treatment, which I love. Full sized 8.5 oz./$24 total......which is very good for a discontinued product. In fact, I think that was the price it originally sold for.


good luck


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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

Which reminds me, did you know they work with plastic surgeons?


If only I had a dollar for every time that phrase is repeated.

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

Good grief, that was horribly frustrating experience.  They'll "block you" from their site????  As if anyone would ever go back and order anything from them after being treated so badly!  

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

Thank you for posting this. I have only ordered from IT a few times and it was before Jamie left the company. Had wonderful CS at that time. That's a terrible shame that you had to jump through hoops when none of it was your fault.

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

@Starliteshine That is exactly how I feel about the Laura Geller website!


Had a terrible experience last summer and thought I would give them a second chance at Christmastime. Same poor customer service! They used to have a phone number (even though you were on hold for days!) and now they only have email for customer service.


After receiving a snide reply to my email, and no attempt to resolve the issue (shipping times are horrendous!), I am done with ordering directly from her website.


I know that she has sold her company, but her name is still associated with the brand.


Thanks for allowing me to vent! I feel better now!:

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Re: My Experience Ordering Directly from It Cosmetics

I also placed a order during the most recent 40% off sale items....I ordered several items (just 1) but 2 of the lip trio's for 19.50.  My order came quickly and packed very nicely BUT I only had 1 of the lip trio's kit!  Sure enough I was billed for the 2 on my receipt.  I did call their CS right away (next morning as I got it late the prior evening) and she at first said they would send out the missing item.  I was very happy.  Then I get a email explaining it was sold out and a credit was issued to my CC instead.


Not a great experience but not as bad as yours or my previous one to this order.  That one I was on auto delivery for the brush cleaner came to my house and had leaked out...totally dry bottle!  Then the next day I get another delivery with a perfect intact bottle.  I check my CC and sure enough they had charged me 2 times!  Back on the phone to CS...finally got that credited off my card. 


I decided to cancel that auto delivery with them.  If that last sale hadn't been so AMAZING on a few items I really wanted I wouldn't have been ordering again but I took the least everything else in my order was there.  


They must have gotten to many orders and the people packing them up are being very sloppy.  Bet they got lot's of calls about missing products from orders.