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Well I knew it smelled good because I've been using the replenishing mist in my rotation since it came out but when I pumped the CC my entire bathroom smelled like a rainforest/spa! I was so happy this scent lingers. As for performance I have to say it is very similar to the results I get with Winter cranberry. My hair is soft and shiney, it doesn't give me the volume I get with SAM (my HG) but it's fine. It's definitely being added to my summer rotation. Chaz definitely needs to add this scent to the body line very soon. It's intoxicating, I love it. Oh, and I want an oil too.
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I agree with you. The BGT scent smells amazing!! It is so fresh.
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I just changed my tsv AD (the set with 613) from Sweet Almond Mint to BGT! I've heard about the amazing smell- but also that it's a wonderful formula. Can't wait!

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Beaches, that scent is heavenly!

The first time I used it, my first cleanse was close to thirty minutes.

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