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Re: My Active Argon ad was cancelled

Iwas paying 59.97 for the 4 piece facial set, with the small oil shown currently and the full size AA scrub ( the scrub is wonderful. so I am very interested in what the price will be since they have removed the scrub from the set.

realistically the set would last 4 months -I do lke having one in reserve as I use it up- I use it a couple times a week and Morgan said you can use it every day if you have an event coming up. 

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Re: My Active Argon ad was cancelled

@BdBettyB wrote:

Last week or the week before Evine listed this as a "new arrival." Is this the same set? The regular price is $50.00. aakit2.jpg

I like this brand. This facial system looks interesting, but Im very happy with my current regime. Are you supposed to use it daily? Will try to catch her shows.

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