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Can anyone recommend a moisturizer with an spf that they use with results. I like a lotion, not a cream.      Thank you

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@Janey2  Boots no 7 makes some excellent products and does not cost an arm and a leg.

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@Janey2  I have finally found my one and only moisturizer -- Buttermilk moisturizer by Mario Badescu.  He has several SPF moisturizers to fit your needs and they are lotion.  His small bottles are 2 oz. and the SPF lotions are $24 and I believe one is $28.  He has wonderful products.  You will receive 25% off for your 1st purchase.  There are about 4 or 5 lotions with SPF.  Check it out.  Cat Very Happy










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Hi I don't what skin type you have ,but I am 57 with oily sensitive acne prone skin . I have been beyond satisfied with  Colorscience sunforgettable total protection face shield spf 50 . It is 100 percent mineral formula . Oil Free , reef safe . In addition it is fragrance free , cruelty free , paraben free and sulfate -phthalate free. Now that I am working from home I use it alone but I have worn it under foundation with no piling and best no white cast . I have been tyring to find a good sunscreen for years with no luck . This one is a winner for me .

Good luck 

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CeraVe AM
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I love Josie Maran's spf moisturizers. You can get tinted or plain lotions. I use them everyday.

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@Bannafanna wrote:

I love Josie Maran's spf moisturizers. You can get tinted or plain lotions. I use them everyday.

Josie's tinted SPF uses carmine for the tint. Thought I'd mention that in case anyone considering it is vegan, or doesn't want a product made with insects.


I like Paula's Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30.

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@Janey2  - You don't need to spend a lot.  This Neutrogena product is a moisturizer with spf.  I think you'll like this one.  




Neutrogena Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

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I really like Paula's Choice moisturizers with SPF.  She makes them for every skin type.  The one I use is:



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I like Neutrogena's Hydroboost city shield.  It come in a jar so you might think it is a cream but it very thin like a liquid.