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I don't think I've ever used up a jar of  moisturizer since I constantly look for something else, but in general, how long should it take to use up the average 1.7 or 1 ounce jar?  One of the hosts recently said a 1 ounce jar would last about 30 days. A 1 ounce jar lasts months for me.  Any comments?

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An exact answer is difficult due to varying routines.  Some people use the same moisturizer AM and PM.  Some use separate AM/PM products.  The amount used at each application could also be different, some using just a thin amount and others slathering.  Some may only use their moisturizer certain days while on other days they're using a tinted moisturizer as part of their makeup routine.  And then, in the evening, they may skip the moisturizer if they're doing a sleeping mask.  Some will use a moisturizer and a one covers all type of thing so it also becomes their eye cream and neck cream while others use separate products for each area.

Just a thought, but if the host was pushing an A/D plan, she could have been making the claim as a selling tactic.

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A one ounce jar lasts me for months too.

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I've always used about a pea-sized amount per application for my entire face then about the same for my neck and dec. Twice a day with these amounts, a 1-ounce jar or bottle would last me about a month or maybe a a little longer, 5 weeks or so but not more than 6 weeks.

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I personally don't use any because I don't buy moisturizers in jars.  I use 100% raw shea butter so a little goes a long way for me.  The good thing is I can use this on any part of my body.  


I have severe dry skin and it is the only thing that works.  Since I can use it on my face too, no need to by a moisturizer in a jar.

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I always use up my things. I use way more than a pea size, though! But I also take the time to really smooth moisturizer into my skin, and this way I don't have to fool with any kind of contraption that "lifts," "tucks," or otherwise.


I haven't used moisturizer at night in over a year, though, so my things have lasted longer.



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I prefer moisturizers in bottles or pumps because there is less worry about contamination and ingredients stay active longer. I always use one with SPF in the morning before makeup. I use more than a pea sized amount - probably closer to a dime size blob all over face, neck, and ears. I have very oily acne prone skin so I don't apply at night. One 6 oz. bottle of Olay lasts at least 3 months.