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When some people talk about petroleum, they make it sound as if it's just gunky stuff that you would use to fuel your car. (looking at you, Josie)


Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) is highly refined and perfectly safe and effective.

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Several oils can actually help reduce oily skin. I know that sounds counterintuitive but it's true. When certain oils are applied to the skin then the skin reacts by shutting down it's own oil glands resulting in less oily skin. In some people, however, applying oils can lead to dry skin because applying oil can cause the oil gland to completely shut down. The key is to find an oil that your skin agrees with. 

@SilleeMee I'm currently using WEN Replenishing Treatment Mist and WEN oils on my face as my only moisturizer. I still have oily skin at 65, and this works really well for me. I'll have to find something less expensive when I run out, but I know they're out there!




That's wonderful you found an oil which works for you. I can't use most oils on my face b/c they make my already dry skin even drier over time, especially argan oil. Not too long ago I rediscovered jojoba oil and did some research about it. I found out that it is not an actual oil but a liquid wax similar to our own skin sebum. I've been using that as my moisturizer and I really love it. I also purchased some jojoba butter and that should be here shortly. I can't wait to try that.

@SilleeMee It really does help with oil control on my face. I've used jojoba in the past, and liked it a lot...may try it again when I run out of WEN oils.

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It's not bad for your skin. It just doesn't do much besides sit there and hold the hydration in. It's a nice bland, inert ingredient for when you're having a reaction. Derms often recommend products containing it for post procedure recovery.

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