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Re: Millia and Home pimple extractors

@newme1. NO...just no. Never pick at anything on your face by yourself....scarring, infection, etc. 


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Re: Millia and Home pimple extractors

Yes, I do this everyday at work. Sometimes I need to use a lancet because the skin covering it is too thick for it to pop through and to keep trying without putting in a little hole for it to get through would cause too much damage. I would make sure your instrument and and lancet were sterile. It is quite easy. 

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Re: Millia and Home pimple extractors

thank you everyone for your information and insights.


These are definitely millia.  When I visited a new doctor he said 'you have alot of millia on your neck', no fooling doc!  These are so close to the skin (which is tough) that they look as if you could just touch them and they would pop.  white tiny bumps that have hard little balls when they come out.


I viewed the video but mine are just sticking out all over, not deep under the skin as those were.Too many people are noticing them which makes me even more self concious.


If I thought one trip to the dermatologist would do it I would spend the money.  Maybe I'll give it a try and hopefully he/she is fast and can wipe them all away in one visit. lol