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These are derma stamps. You press them onto your skin in strategic areas several times in the same spot. The rectangular-shaped one is a little larger than a postage stamp. The round pen-looking one is about the size of a head of a thumbtack. Each can be used in different areas. For example, the small round one is good for small areas like around your mouth or between the brows where the eleven-lines are found. I used one on an old chicken pox scar and that is gone now. That larger one is good for larger areas like your neck, chest or forehead...any place where there is mostly a large flat or nearly flat surface.



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Thank you! 

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Thank you for the info! It is appreciated... Can you jut tell me how you micro needle for how long and in what directions etc.. also do you use a numbing cream and what kind.. I know you probably use a much longer needle.. I personally will not go over .5 for me at this point. 

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How do you do this at home and is it safe to use for diabetics? Tell us all about what all you use and how. Sound interesting. Thanks in advance.