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Metallic nail polish - whoa!

OPI has come out with some metallic shades and I know Butter London has. I know metals aren't that new, but OPI and Butter London are two of the newest collections.

The Opi shade Penny Talk was featured in a magazine ad and looked so pretty - almost like a rose gold shade. So I got it and it did look a bit more metallic in the bottle, but I thought I'd take a chance. Well first of all, it is not the easiest to apply. There is a bit of a learning curve - my first hand looks a bit streaky and my other hand is perfect. My nails are just a hair past my fingertips and I am pretty good at applying polish, but this was definitely a bit more difficult. If you do a good job with the first coat, you definitely do not need two coats.

It looks more like a coppery gold than a rose gold and definitely looks more for night than day.

I hope the Butter London shades are a bit more toned down - am looking forward to seeing them tonight on Tues. night beauty. I like the idea of metallics, but not the "foil" effect. Host Sharon F. has been wearing one of the Butter London shades and it looks more toned down.

What has everyone else's experience been with the newer metallic polishes?

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