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Re: Messy Hair?

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YES i can relate!! My hair is the same way. Looks better messy than perfectly styled! 

It is shoulder length with bangs.


I dont use any styling tools but a dryer. I just wash, dry, use some products and go. 

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Yep...mine too. Looks better a bit tousled rather than smooth.

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My hair is naturally a mess, and I don't fight it anymore.

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I let my hair grow out a little where the layers are longer but I still have short hair.  Yes, my hair does look better in a messed up look.  However, for the summer I am getting it cut shorter but I want the top to have longer layers compared to the back.

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Agree. My hair is cut above shoulders with layers. I have a few natural waves so I use flat iron across the top and give it a twist to curve hair in the same direction. DD (finished cosmetology school) suggested I comb hair the way I want it then finger comb or flip a brush throughout to accentuate layers and give a lift. She suggested looking polished from toe to head doesn't give me a youthful look. She's right. She also suggested rose-gold highlights in my med/light brown hair. Loving it.    

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

My hair is naturally a mess, and I don't fight it anymore.



Me too!

In fact, I encourage the messiness. 

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@Harpa I do that as well.  It's kind of like "beach waves"!Smiley Happy