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Merle Norman color dupe?

I have never worn Merle Norman cosmetics and currently, the closest store is probably 20 miles away.  However, their latest commercial has me wanting the shade of lipgloss the younger lady in the commercial has on.  So, I Googled it and actually found a YouTube video of her makeover.  Of course, I had to watch the whole thing to get to the lips but, The liner is Lip Pencil Plus in Mocha and the lip color is Liquid Lipcolor in Social LIght.  Gonna try to add pictures to my post, but hoping somebody knows a good dupe for these.  Nothing too pink or orangey.  I would describe as slightly darker than natural lip color.  Thanks.merle-norman-cosmetics-makeover-large-3.jpgmerle-norman-cosmetics-makeover-large-4.jpg