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Mature Full Face Makeup - YouTube Video

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Although I don’t wear makeup myself, I find this kind of video fascinating. I think the explanations for using each product are also interesting.


The channel name is Abby Bliss White.


I have no affiliation with any of the makeup products she is using.


ETA: I also have no affiliation with Abby Bliss White.




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Re: Mature Full Face Makeup - YouTube Video

After I watched a Scott Barnes video (a genuine professional and JLo's makeup artist) I quit watching all ameteur YTers.


His presentation was direct & to the point. No, you don't need all the stuff you are talked into. His secret for a glowy finish? Neutrugena 100 SPF in the spray can. I used Banana Boat I have on hand. He was right.


Double duty products. Skip the primers. I buy quality MU and now skip the YT hype.

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Re: Mature Full Face Makeup - YouTube Video

@Snowpuppy  I just watched that video & I am not sure if it was the video you mentioned. I watched the one with Tati where he sprayed Neutrogena 100 spf spray on her decolette but not her face. It was the video where he applied his makeup techniques for TV video's.