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On 8/24/2014 OkeyDokey said:

L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Waterproof. And that silly wiggle application technique...just skip it with this mascara. Light brush strokes is all it takes. Another good one that is less thickening is Covergirl Lash Blast Length in a yellow tube. Lashes feel very soft after this one. I like L'Oreal Waterproof Miss Manga too, but it could clump easily without careful application. Waterproof on that one as well.

I also had good look with the Telescopic mascara. I was going to repurchase when I decided to try the non waterproof version of Miss Manga and like that as well. I agree that one could clump but I use my finger to sort of fan out my lashes. I'm pleased with the way they look and it has excellent stay power.

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On 8/24/2014 Haole Wahine said: Benefit's They're Real is fabulous!

Oh yes, it is!

I also discovered thanks to this BB, L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly. Not bad, not bad at all. Still think They're Real is better but this is pretty darn good, too.

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I have two suggestions:

Aveda's Mosscara. In black or brown & conditions lashes too. Gives great length & some volume & does not flake, clump or feel heavy on the lashes. ($18) OR

almay's Intense I-color voluminizing mascara - my color is Mocha because my eye color is green but you can purchase whatever you want. Gives length & some volume with NO clumping or flaking. $6.99.

I own both and never have problems removing and my lashes feel conditioned not fried with heavy mascara.

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ITA with KatCat. The Almay Intense I-color mascara is fantastic. I tried it recently because I had a $4 off coupon and I am beyond impressed. I got the plum color for brown eyes and this stuff does not clump or flake but adds amazing volume. Target sells it for $5.39.

Benefit They're Real is also a great mascara.

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The original L'Oreal Voluminous mascara was great and left my lashes feeling soft, not stiff.

I was a big supporter of L'Oreal Manga mascara, but when I purchased a different color from my first tube it was like a totally different product. A mess, clumps, to much product.

After reading these posts I'm interested in trying the Almay suggested. My eye are so sensitive I have to get a new mascara tube every other month so I hate to spend too much.

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I also like Cover Girl's Lash Blast length(yellow tube) or Lash Exact. The more expensive mascaras I've received in kits or as samples have either been worse or no better than drug store brands. I blot the end of the brush every time on a tissue, the whole wand only if I see excess on it.

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When I am flush with a little more money, I love to buy Benefit's They're Real. Love this stuff but its $24. When I am not so flush with $$$, I go back to my long time fave, Maybelline's Falsies (in burgundy case) which is about $6. at drug stores. Either way, these are my two favorite mascaras that range in price from cheap to expensive.

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I like CoverGirl Clumpp Crusher and Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam. I have to get both in waterproof because of the humidity where I am. The non-waterproof version of Retro Glam didn't work for me at all. Five minutes after I put it on it was a smudgy mess - the worst smudges of my life.

Clinique also makes fantastic mascaras.

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